Your Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my cruise cannot dock due to weather and I can’t take the tour?

If you prepaid, your money will be refunded the same day through PayPal (same way you paid). PayPal can take a few days to process this.


If I am on a cruise, will I have enough time to do everything listed on the itinerary?

Absolutely yes! All of our tours are made for people that are on cruises, they are adjusted for sailing times. If you are at a hotel, you just have more time!

Have you ever missed a cruise ship?

NEVER! We have had over 21,000 passengers over the past 18 years and it’s our highest priority to get all of our passengers back to the port 60 minutes before their last tender. It’s a promise we have kept since we started in 2001.

How do I pay for your tours?

Our Puerto Montt tours can be paid in cash on the day of the tour, but can also be paid through PayPal. Our Punta Arenas tours require prepayment. You can send the PayPal payment to or go through the shopping process on our website.

What time do you pick us up?

If your ship is using tender boats to disembark, we ask that you please come off on one of the first 6 tenders in order to begin the tour at a good time. If you need to be picked up at a hotel, you will be called the evening before at your hotel for pick-up time.

What time does the tour end?

If you are on a cruise, your tour ends 60 minutes before the last tender boat (or 6 hours of tour). If you are at a hotel, the tour usually lasts between 6-7 hours.

In what languages do you offer your tours?

We offer tours in English and Spanish.

If you still have pending doubts after going through the FAQ page, please get in touch with us directly and we will provide answers. We are always happy to hear from our clients, so give us a call!I You can reach us though our Facebook page by clicking on here: or e-mail us at